When to update the library pic?

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When to update the library pic?

Post  Dinahkin on Sun 20 May 2012, 2:15 pm


I don't know about you, but it always strikes me as amusing when MTV or Buzznet or any radio station host a competition that includes fans voting for their favourite band ..


Because nine times out of ten, the archive (library) photo that is used of TH is taken from the Schrei/Scream era - or with Bill and his massive hairstyle circa Zimmer 483..

Do they think that this is the only image that TH have? Are they too stingy to update their photo library with new pics?
Why not choose a photo from a more recent photoshoot or even post the Humanoid Album cover rather than the Schrei one!!

(Yes Q102 - I'm talking to you... http://www.q102.com/pages/rocker-boys/2012/index.html )

Then I thought - is it because some fans refuse to allow the band to grow up?
Does the industry perpetuates this idea that all TH members are time-warped at 16 or there abouts?

Then I took a look through Twitter

*had to lie down to recover for daaays afterwards Wink*

It seems that the fandom falls into strata - the younger kiddies seem to focus on the guys when they were a comparable age - and some of the older fans reminisce on "do you remember when... Tom had blonde dreads or Bill had a porcupine haircut"
(ducks and runs for cover Wink)  and they post pics to tumblr to suit their particular "dream era"..

Yet more fans wax lyrical about the Humanoid Tour pics - or pics from performances in Singapore, Japan, Russia - which at least are newer pics and show how the guys have matured and how their style has evolved ..and still more avidly look for the latest "lift" from the BTK app or from paps. snapping all four guys.

Thanks to the BTK app, fans have access to current photos of the twins and occasionally Georg and Gustav, and its only a matter of time before promotion material for the new album or promotion for the Far East Movement/Bill collab. surfaces on the internet..

So I guess this is a plea to any promotion company and to the fan base - can we please acknowledge that these talented guys are the people they are now - stop dwelling in the past and see them for the four hugely talented musicians they are - complete with up to date images?

When material becomes available - update your library pictures or at least use the latest album cover - fans know when each album came out, we aren't totally daft..

*muse out*

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