'Heart Tyes Creations' Kaulitz Twins DSDS "Letterman" Photoshoot Manip

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'Heart Tyes Creations' Kaulitz Twins DSDS "Letterman" Photoshoot Manip

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 10 Nov 2012, 9:53 am

This was posted earlier on Twitter and is by far the most creative and intricate manip of the DSDS "letterman" photoshoot that I've seen to date. (btw date is 10/11/12 in case anyone is curious Wink)

source - http://tokiohotel-lovealways.tumblr.com/post/35397424433

credit to 'Heart Tyes Creations' for an original work. Sourced at @BTGG at http://tokiohotel-lovealways.com/

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