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Post  Dinahkin on Sat 10 Nov 2012, 11:12 am

The Kaulitz twins fellow DSDS juror is Mateo, (aka Itchyban) founder and lead singer of Culcha Candela in addition to producer Dieter Bohlen

About Culcha Candela (source

"Sporting a multicultural membership, a sociopolitical agenda, and a musical mix of hip-hop, reggae, and Latin rhythms, Germany's Culcha Candela are a tough group to pigeonhole. Formed in Berlin in 2003, the group's membership reflects diversity, with singers Larsito, Don Cali, and Lafrotino hailing from Columbia; singer Johnny Strand from Uganda; singer Itchyban from Poland; singer Mr. Reedoo from Germany; and DJ Chino con Estilo from Korea. Culcha Candela's music reflects all of this, with lyrics sung in German, English, and Spanish spun over Jamaican and Latin rhythms, all done with a distinct hip-hop sensibility. The group released its debut album, Union Verdadera, in 2004, followed by NEXT Generation a year later in 2005. ~ Steve Leggett, Rovi"

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