Plethora of DSDS pics and screen caps

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Plethora of DSDS pics and screen caps

Post  Dinahkin on Mon 13 May 2013, 11:46 am

So.. the DSDS is finally over and Beatrice Egli is the winner.. from personal experience I can say that she is amazingly pretty in real life and very sweet! Not to mention that she sings well and has great performance skills, even if you are not keen on the style of music..
I'm wishing all four of the final candidates well.. Susan Albers has an album out which is great and Lisa and Ricardo are also destined for great things I'm sure! Smile

So many excellent fan sites have posted screen caps and all sorts, I have a few very personal pics from my visit to the DSDS studio in April.. here are a few of the pics that are floating around.. with credit to those unknown who screencapped and snapped Wink

I admit to a preference for this wide shot.. I'm on it Wink

more pics to follow...

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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