Photographs and information.. Admin Note

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Photographs and information.. Admin Note

Post  Dinahkin on Wed 05 Mar 2014, 11:10 pm

Admin note -

I have made my views regarding people who alter and then pass off created work as their own well known in one of the posts.

As a point of correctness, if I source from another fan site I try to credit that source in a link or in text. I'm fallible and sometimes I might miss one, in which case, I would hope someone would point that out if they are the sole source of that information.

If photos or information come from a general search on the internet, I will try to credit, but if the image/information is widely available with more than one source and it isn't clear who originated the photo or information then there will be no credit.

Edits of specific photographs, by making cutouts from the original will not be credited. Manips, original artwork, photo edits which involve re-colouring of an original, covers of music, photographs with added text or images will be credited, if known or a request posted for artist information if unknown

If anyone should find something on this site that needs a credit because it was created by a specific person and is not widely available, but does not have a credit link, please let me know. I will rectify that when notified.

(either @Dinahkins or @THVersatility will reach me or message me here)

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