"How Pumba stole the video by being a cute puppy" ;) MMM 2014!

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"How Pumba stole the video by being a cute puppy" ;) MMM 2014!

Post  Dinahkin on Sun 16 Mar 2014, 2:11 pm

A lot has been said on Twitter and elsewhere about the Musical March Madness competition that MTV runs, and there's no doubt that in past years some people have targeted Tokio Hotel for some cyber shenanigins, leading fans to become disillusioned.

From my own observations, this disillusion isnt helped by the antagonistic comments which appear in official articles; which seem to actively encourage antagonism and cyber bullying between fandoms; from the odd journalist/blogger/tweeter associated with the competition.

As far as I'm concerned, its a personal choice whether someone supports the band, whatever the competition, but here is the video of the guys (and Pumba Wink) which MTV posted for our delectation.. and to encourage participation in their annual PR Fest.

On a positive note, its a great video, fun and informative.. Smile
It's great to see the guys all together and I for one am looking forward to hearing new music.

"Help Tokio Hotel Win MTVs Musical March Madness"

Source for video link btktwinsarchive YouTube Channel and http://btktwinsarchive.tumblr.com/ and of course, available on MTV website unless you are in the UK.

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