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Archive Tokio Hotel... The early years..

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 05 Apr 2014, 2:02 pm

With many thanks to tusia91th for posting this on their YouTube and to marti @TOMLamour for tweeting the link that appeared in the @THVersatility timeline Smile 

Whether its the first Tokio Hotel concert or not, (Youtube rumour has it that it was filmed around 2004) it shows that the talent has always been there.. the sound is great! Smile

The YouTube description states
"Uploaded on 16 Aug 2007
Tokio Hotel -1st Concert live
"Jung und nicht mehr Jugendfrei"
"Freunde bleiben"
A part of "Durch den Monsun"

Again from tusia91th is this.. no information about when or where this was filmed.. *wanders off to research* lol

and this short snippet is billed as "Erster Live-Auftritt von Tokio Hotel im TV 2005 in Magdeburg, noch im 3. Programm (MDR)" the first live TV broadcast.. and uploaded by SlyFox

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