Delusions are self induced *warning* *soapbox moment*

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Delusions are self induced *warning* *soapbox moment*

Post  Dinahkin on Sun 18 May 2014, 7:49 pm

I'm watching my timeline and the @THVersatility timeline and thinking to myself, hold on.. it is not any bands fault if their fans choose to delude themselves and then believe those delusions as fact and then get their collective knickers in a twist and their panties in a bunch when the self imposed delusions fail to materialise.

Contrary to popular belief, the quotation "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. - Mark Twain" that appeared on the Tokio Hotel Twitter with the hashtag #TokioHotelQuotes, wasn't a signal to some fans to leap on the "See, they lied to us about the album/app/instagram/insertsubjectofchoice" bandwagon. In my opinion, some fans are more intent on lying to themselves and so should hold fire with the angst.

The BTK app announced that the BTK app would be winding up when it got close to new music, and it has, but they didn't set timescales for how long after that closure new music would appear, fans assumed.

The band website announced Instagram accounts would be opening.. and they have. Bill and Georg now have active Instagram accounts, the others will no doubt follow when they feel like it. They are as human as us, maybe Tom or Gustav didn't really want to have an Instagram account or maybe they are shy in what they feel like posting?

We as fans have no real way of knowing what goes on .. but some fans are great at superimposing "their" idea of band members onto each of the guys as fulfillment of the personality sets it seems to me that fans have always taken great delight in imposing onto the various band members. You know, the ones that fans create for them, that most likely have little or no current basis and that probably the guys grew out of in intervening years since they expressed a dislike for broccoli or similar. The ones that some fans can hold on to so tightly because they represent "their" view of TH rather than what is accurate.

The band themselves have never mentioned a set release date for any new Tokio Hotel music to the best of my knowledge.. so how can it be "late"?  Yes they have hinted of their own hopes and aspirations for when, but that isn't the same thing. There have been indications that the album is underway.. that takes time, effort and creativity.. not fan timetables, band timetables and more probably record company timetables.

There has however been fan rumour and drama and angst and much building up of expectations by agencies other than the band and maybe that's why fans feel disgruntled. That's not because of anything the band has done. 

So a magazine or whoever runs a piece where "somebody" says the guys have recorded everything or whatever..and fans all hop up and down expecting a release of an album or single based on that alleged source and when it doesn't happen they "blame" the band for their disappointment.. media spin is to blame, not the band.. ask yourself how much profit that magazine made or how many new readers that website got for running that story? How much money the media made in advertising for each page click.. Am I cynic? When it comes to the media, you betcha.

Rumours about this and that. Rumours about Universal. Drama about MTV and drama amongst fans themselves.

Truth is, we as fans haven't got any idea what goes on in the Tokio Hotel world and chances are we wouldn't even believe it if we were ever told, because it's easier to read the spin and drama that MTV and Bilde and all the other press and paparazzi outlets provide.. they are the agencies that pander to the wants of fans, it sells copy and boosts ratings when fans watch or read or click on a webpage and as everyone should be aware, when has the media ever let the truth get in the way of a good story? 

It's easy to be self deluded about things because they make us feel happy in our own little worlds, but that doesn't make what we think to be the truth. In my view it makes it conjecture, misinterpretation and supposition, not fact. It would be great to have new music, but there is absolutely no "entitlement" to it!

I wish fans would think about that before they hop on the "lets criticise the band" bandwagon..

Besides.. alongside everything else.. its a great quote and we will never know what motivated them to post it unless they tell us.. did anyone stop to think about that?

My opinion, and I'm as entitled to it as you are to yours.

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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