Amateur Psychology sucks.. *soapbox warning* #sarcasm

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Amateur Psychology sucks.. *soapbox warning* #sarcasm

Post  Dinahkin on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 12:38 am

It never ceases to amaze me that there are still so called fans who must believe that they have some sort of psychic link to any of the guys.. 

Comments such as "He must be depressed" or "He must be missing [insert country of choice]" or even more crass innuendo.. are taken to be behind a variety of hashtags and comments under pictures or in tweets.

Once and for all, the ONLY person who knows what is meant by a comment or a hashtag under an app post, a personal instagram pic or an official tweet is the person who wrote it and unless he has chosen to share that reason with you personally, putting an opinionated spin on it is not only stupid, its arrogant.

Comments such as "I'm worried for his health" "I wish he wouldn't [insert pet hate of choice]" are equally crass in my opinion. The guys are old enough to make their own decisions and fans have no influence on their private lives, much as that might seem difficult to comprehend for some fans.

Fans can have no idea of what the guys from Tokio Hotel think or feel on any given subject, only their friends and family can know that. 

Fans do not fit into either of those camps; no matter how many stock interviews there are to watch on YouTube or TV, or how many Bilde articles or generic interviews in fan magazines there are to read, how many concerts they have attended or how long a person has been a fan. A fan does not have a right to jump in and voice an opinion as though it were informed; because the truth of the matter is, people who do not actually know band members have no idea about their personal views.

They do not know band members personalities, they do not know their foibles and they do not know their motivation.

What fans have, I believe, is a "personality construct" which they have created in their own heads for each of the guys from snippets of interviews, some of which were given when the guys were in their early teens. They aren't necessarily relevant to how the guys feel, act or think now, they certainly can not represent reality as there is no personal knowledge of the people concerned. 

A fan who is insisting that their version of band members personalities is "fact" is about as sensible as someone saying water can run uphill unaided. 

Fans who see fit to comment on "their boys" based on Bill's "innocence", Tom's "player qualities", Georg's "clumsy nice guy" and Gustav's "Teddybear-ness" always strike me as slightly ludicrous. Fans may wish the guys had these attributes, but they are human, not two-dimensional. At their ages, they aren't "boys" and unless they are personally known, I feel that referring to them in a possessive way as "My Babies" or "My [insert pet name]" errs on the side of stalker behaviour. 

I'm guessing that the guys themselves would be deeply offended to realise that some misguided individuals have assigned to them personalities which are not their own.

Yes, all the comments are probably generated by thwarted lust but really, shouldn't fans be old enough and/or intelligent enough to be able to see past the hype, the PR and the raging hormones and stop objectifying four very talented musicians?? 

The various band members do not deserve to be preserved in aspic and not allowed to mature and grow simply because a fan is incapable of maturing themselves or of acknowledging that others have.

I came into hearing Tokio Hotel music late, prior to the release of "Humanoid" and the subsequent tour and I've always been more about the music than the fact that all four guys are handsome men. Maybe that's why I don't have the baggage of previous interviews, rumour and gossip to colour my thinking. An open mind is a good thing.

I've learnt that in the Tokio Hotel fandom, a "good rumour" wins out over facts time and time again, and that otherwise apparently intelligent people become caught up in hormone induced lust which must cloud their thinking. Not to mention the constant creation of drama that appears mandatory.

So this is the only explanation I can think of.. some fans are reluctant to allow "their boys" to grow or exist outside the flimsy constructs they have assigned them because that means they have to acknowledge that they themselves are growing.. the alternative is that some fans are simply immature, sarcastic, snide, self opinionated, rude, often bigoted, amateur psychoanalysts and I'm sure that's not the case .. is it?

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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