Spiegel TV 5.10.14

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Spiegel TV 5.10.14

Post  Dinahkin on Mon 06 Oct 2014, 1:24 pm

Spiegel TV (RTL) - 05.10.2014 - "Tokio Hotel are back"  link to tv segment

Spiegel TV interviewed the guys backstage at Wetten Das? and aired a segment about them.

A full English translation can be found at and its recommended reading.  (Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info )

an extract from the translation reads - 

"Voice-over: Their comeback is strategically planned. First the release of the new songs, after that the press conference with journalists and selected fans, who are clearly more quiet than in the last years.

Bill: For us it doesn't feel like a comeback to be honest. Because we never were.. Well, of course we didn't make an album for a long time, but we didn't break up or something. We only took some time with the album.

Voice-over: New look, new sound. But topic #1 is Bill's performance in the new video. Tokio Hotel has grown up. Also in the matter of love.

 I think it's beautiful that love actually has no religion and no gender. You can and you should love who you want to love, without it being made a fuss about. And because of that.. there are also some funny moments in the video and because of that we just put the message across. I think you also shouldn't take it too seriously."

To me, those words are important, fans can be too eager to pigeonhole bandmembers - but I think what is clear is that love is love, regardless of gender, age, religion, or any other stereotype.. "You can, and you should, love who you want to love, without it being made a fuss about" - that's a great creed to live by, tolerance and acceptance.

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