Kings of Suburbia - release day in the UK 6.10.14

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Kings of Suburbia - release day in the UK 6.10.14

Post  Dinahkin on Mon 06 Oct 2014, 1:52 pm

"Kings of Suburbia" has been released all over the world, often charting in #1 position or at least the top 3. At one point it was #1 in 21 countries!
An incredible achievement. Smile and more to come as the album gets its release date all over the world. 6.10.12 saw the release of Kings of Suburbia in the USA and more chart success is assured. 

I'd just like to draw your attention to this. 

People say that Tokio Hotel "have no fans in the UK".. one German fan infamously put that as a comment on Bills instagram in which he announced a UK release date for Kings of Suburbia, and was blocked for it. 

True, they haven't toured in the UK and the only UK performance was in London back in, I think, 2008. They have only ever had a UK release for "Ready Set Go" as a single.. until now. 

6.10.14 saw the UK release of Kings of Suburbia and at 12.30 approx GMT @THVersatility was able to tweet

All Categories #198, Alternative #37 UK iTunes #KingsofSuburbia !
#TokioHotelAlienInvasion " as UK based fans helped the album climb the iTunes charts!

Overall chart - 

"Alternative" chart 

Comments on Twitter from UK based Aliens are ecstatic .. 

"I would like to appreciate the fact that something which never happens (Tokio Hotel charting here) is happening right now Very Happy"

"KoS is #198 in the actual iTunes chart!"

"Tokio Hotel is still charting, from #43 to #38 on the iTunes UK Alternative, omg."

and many more! Smile

Showing without doubt that #UKAliens are definitely numerous  in the UK and that we love Tokio Hotel Wink

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