RocknConcert article - Tokio Hotel, New look, new sound

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RocknConcert article - Tokio Hotel, New look, new sound

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 11 Oct 2014, 8:29 pm

(source  article originally in French - paraphrased from Google translate as usual Wink)

"Kings of Suburbia , the new Tokio Hotel album has just arrived in stores. The group resurfaced after a 5 year absence. Full promo in France, we had the chance to attend the private showcase and press conference organized in a chic Parisian hotel. We were excited to learn more about the unexpected return of the German band that has sold over 7 million albums worldwide! Their new album marks a musical turning point. We are far from the image conveyed by the group in earlier pictures."

"Arriving on the scene, we were surprised to see a large crowd gathered outside the hotel, trying to see their idols. We sit in a salon turned into a mini concert hall, as the group took the opportunity to present some samples from the new album acoustic version to the hundreds of people invited. Some selected on-the-job fans have the chance to attend the event. Love Who Loves You Back and Run Run Run , sung in English, and Attention showing that the musical return is successful. The group is absent a few minutes before returning to answer some questions."

"Its been five years since Bill (vocals) and Tom Kaulitz (guitar), the two brothers decided to go relax in Los Angeles, while their two accomplices, Georg (bass) and Gustav (drums) remained in their hometown Germany. Bill explains that "  we have remained in contact. In fact, the break lasted only a year and a half since we returned to the studio pretty quickly. It is therefore not really a comeback  . " As for the musical style of Kings of Suburbia, electronic sounds, that capture perfectly the spirit of wild nights at clubs in Los Angeles. Bill commented that "  it was not a studied change of music direction. It came naturally in the studio  . "

"No less than five years have passed. But obviously their fans do not seem to have forgotten the existence of Tokio Hotel, as evidenced by the crowd gathered outside the hotel during a heavy rain. "  We are quite surprised to see so many people, even if our fans have always remained loyal all these years. The music scene is so ephemeral. But we are fortunate to have the best fans, " said Bill."

"Recent years have allowed Tokio Hotel take insurance. The group decided to deal with the production of his new album, to songwriting, recording and arrangements. Under the amused eye of the audience, the band members are getting some pics, without actual malice. When asked why I have taken over the production, Tom Kaulitz replied that he is the only talented member of groupe.Autre funny moment when Tom tells a story explaining that Georg has had to make a little trip to the bathroom before each their concerts and studio recordings. Unfortunately, the toilet adjoined the recording booth, leaving Bill to sing in the smells ..."

""We discuss the video shoot for their new single Love Who Loves You Back, containing scenes of a sexual nature. Bill recounts that "  it was not intended that I participate in scenes of hugs out. I insisted to participate, even though I was pretty nervous before the shoot, because it turns out I'm pretty shy about this.But I finally felt comfortable once the camera lights."

""Shortly before leaving, Tokio Hotel assures their Parisian audience that they will visit at the next tour. It remains to be seen what the reception given to the group in the coming months. The "Tokio Hotelmania" may still be around? Still, that Kings of Suburbia  also has everything to attract new fans."

(Original article by Thorsten Wollek / Photos: Carsten Wilde -

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