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Comments, thoughts and views

Post  Dinahkin on Mon 13 Oct 2014, 11:10 am

I figured I would start this one off Smile 

I've seen many extremely positive tweets about the album on the @THVersatility timeline, so here are my views.
Put succinctly, I love it!

I can't pick a favourite track as each is very strong in my opinion, musically and lyrically.
The dance tracks and ballads are equally good to listen to and dance to, the music is complex in construction in the Studio but the guys have also proved in recent showcases and TV appearances that the songs are equally impressive live.

(btw, to hear them sing/perform live on Wetten Das was incredible, particularly as German TV has a history of using playback as a preference. I have no issue with artists using playback, after all, they created it in the first place, but singing/performing live as the first TV appearance in 5 years was, to me, an indication of how talented these guys are.) 

I will put up a track by track comment when I am able, but until then, what are your favourite tracks?

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