LoveLine interview with Tom and Bill.. (KRoq) 27.10.14

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LoveLine interview with Tom and Bill.. (KRoq) 27.10.14

Post  Dinahkin on Sun 09 Nov 2014, 3:06 pm

"Loveline with Mike and Dr Drew" is probably best described in its own words! Wink It was a brilliant interview with Tom and Bill.

"Loveline follows the call-in question-and-answer model with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems. As a practicing internist and addictionologist with training in psychology, Dr. Drew's answers have medical credibility, but the addition of Adam Carolla's humor and insight resulted in a program with entertainment value as well. Carolla repeatedly stated his role on the show as something of a trojan horse: He lured listeners with dirty jokes and wisecracks in hopes they'd learn something that could improve their lives. Actors or members of popular bands often participate as guests.

Since Carolla's departure in November 2005, the show has continued with celebrity co-hosts and guests, some of whom have announced their hope to be hired as Carolla's replacement. From July 23, 2006 through April 30, 2009, KROQ disc jockey Stryker served as co-host with Pinsky. 

As of March 2010, KROQ's very own Mike Catherwood took over the co-hosting duties, bringing a unique viewpoint to the show as both a recovering addict and comedian. "

About the show:

The full hour and a half long interview can be seen here  (copy paste link into browser)

I'd recommend watching it in full Smile but if you prefer, here are a couple of videos (source Kaulitzlover Oo) which are great to watch (Spanish subs too! Smile)

(source for video Kaulitzlover Oo with Spanish subtitles)

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