"Rescue Me" - an apt title **soapbox moment**

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"Rescue Me" - an apt title **soapbox moment**

Post  Dinahkin on Mon 16 Mar 2015, 8:32 am

I've just watched the video of "Rescue Me" from Zurich and seen a fan comment gleefully saying 

"My highlight of the evening! :-) 
We have overruled easy with the German version ..."

("Mein Highlight des Abends! :-)
Wir haben sie einfach mit der deutschen Version überstimmt..." was the original comment.. )

I'm appalled.

To me, if an artist asks his audience for "one English one" meaning 'please sing one chorus in English', when the song he is singing has English lyrics, was included in a preplanned setlist as an English song and he is already responding to bullying members of the audience by swapping between two languages as he sings.. 

(To anyone in doubt, that means he is being forced to use different languages, lyrics, phrasing and breath control; all of which is incredibly difficult to do "off the cuff" and shows his huge talent as a singer/performer and massive professionalism)

.. its the height of rudeness by audience members to ignore that request and scream back the version they want to sing. It wasn't even tunefully done. 

Have you ever tried singing one song and having a friend sing something different at the same time? Thats what you forced him to do and because he is a talented professional, he did. 

Audience members (and I am deliberately not calling them fans, because to me they are not, they are bullies), ruined that moment for many, made themselves and TH into a laughing stock and yet again illustrated why TH are known more for the appalling "fan behaviour" than their awesome music. 

It may be that "Rette Mich" is "your favourite" of the two songs for whatever reason, but if it isn't what THE BAND want to play and they wish to perform "Rescue Me", then an audience sings "Rescue Me" because that's the one THE BAND put in the set list. 

I know the "vocal fans who prefer Rette Mich" will disagree, but tough, I'm as much entitled to my opinion as you believe you are. Although as a singer and audience member, I would never impose my will on a performer as you did. 

Did you give any thought to new fans who may have been at the gig, brought by the #KOS album and who hadn't a clue what was going on? Did you think perhaps, "hm, this is selfish behaviour on my part, I'll let people enjoy the concert the band have prepared"? 

I believe fans who imposed their will on an artist they claim to support, owe him a huge apology.

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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