Maybe not "one for the list"..

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Maybe not "one for the list"..

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 28 Mar 2015, 3:19 pm

After thought, I took this out of "the list".. it didn't fit... its not my usual comment as my main intent is to underline the need for self care towards certain subjects. Less of the #soapbox, more of a #hug.

I will try to be more delicate that my usual "blunt instrument" handling with this one. Once again, this is my opinion, feel free to differ.

Just because the subject matter of a particular video isn't to your personal taste or shows subject matter which causes you to feel in a manner that you don't wish to, remember that the video concept was not conceived specifically make anyone feel bad about things that form part of life experience, or prohibit anyone from watching it as a result. 

In my experience, video, music and film are powerful memory triggers. They can evoke all sorts of reactions in the person watching/listening. Some may be anticipated given the subject matter, some may trigger memory echoes in a person, reminding of other circumstances. This is not a fault of the artist concerned nor is it a fault with the person viewing, its an emotional reaction to powerful stimuli.

To give an example. On my first watching of the Feel It All video, I found myself curled into a ball and sobbing because it triggered some memory echoes not related to the video itself. It was my choice to watch it and I take responsibility for my decision and subsequent reaction. Have I watched it since? no, not yet.. Will I? probably, but not yet. (At the moment, imagine me sat looking at the video as a "thing" and wondering whether to poke it with a sharp stick to see what happens..)

I'm aware that others have expressed incredibly personal things in positive response to the subject matter and I think it says huge amounts that the Feel It All video has such power. I described it elsewhere as raw and brutal. 

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, please exercise self care if you feel that the subject matter of any video could be triggering for you. 

Avoid watching the video by all means, but also, please don't express blame toward the band or band members for creating the video the way they have, they didn't do it to make you feel uncomfortable or upset. 

As was said on the Tokio Hotel Facebook page ( prior to the video release

"Today is the day! "Feel It All - The Club Experience", part one of our world tour is ending in Warsaw, Poland tonight. It has been an amazing tour and really overwhelming. Thank you all so much for your support, love and energy! All though one thing is coming to an end, there is the video premiere for "Feel It All" at 5:30 pm cet. This video is basically a dream project for Bill, dedicated to his favorite movie "Kids". Bill: "I was always fascinated by "Kids", same as "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" and “The Basketball Diaries”. These were my kind of movies when I was super young. Every time when I was watching these movies I saw myself there, because I grew up in a small village with these kinds of people. When I was 13, we always had older friends and we were all just trying to get away from where we lived. We wanted to be free. That rebellious kid inside of me was always there and I understood those people. We had amazing videos, but this time we wanted to make something different!" Bill: "I said, lets just make a video about that topic, maybe about me getting lost. For me "Feel It All" is really about feeling every aspect of life. Life has downsides and darkness, light and dreams, hate and freedom and that rebellious side. I wanted to show all of that and I always wanted to play a role of a lost soul." So stay tuned and watch how Bill went into that role - only a couple minutes left!"

To me, it's an incredible piece of film. Raw, painful to watch, triggering, powerful..brutal.

The depiction of rape, forced prostitution, and addiction by anyone in the video is not in any way "hot", "sexy", illustrative of sexual orientation or any of the other inappropriate comments I've seen used. 

I also feel that anyone thinking that the video somehow glamourises the drug situation has, in my view, not watched the same video I did. To me, its hugely anti drug taking and in my view, this is illustrated by the tweet from a non-fan account which deals with drug rehab and which tweeted the link with the comment "Powerful video with a message about real world realities of drug abuse".

For me, I feel that the video deserves awards.

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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