The Admin bit... please read

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The Admin bit... please read

Post  Dinahkin on Fri 10 Jun 2011, 8:20 pm

Welcome to Tokio Hotel VIP.
Please take a moment to read these few rules of the forum. You are asked to follow them at all times while enjoying your time on the board.

1. Each member will always show full respect to other members, regardless of whether your views match or not.
Polite and civilized discussion is to be expected and is very much encouraged, but keep in mind that, while you might be convinced of your views, the other person thinks just the same.
No personal attacks, either on the board itself or in private message, will be tolerated.
Whenever someone is found breaking this rule, it will result in a warning. Second warning comes with a five day ban, anyone breaking this rule three times is permanently banned from the forum.

2. Respect for the privacy of all Tokio Hotel members, co-workers and associated persons need to be shown.
Do not post any addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or whatsoever here. including posting of paparazzi pics of the guys on private time, such information will be immediately removed and the person posting it banned.
(note: this rule does not apply to discussion of fake profiles of bandmembers on the internet although this should be limited to identification of the account name only, not making comments and vilifying them). Comments made regarding the band members themselves will also be monitored.

3. About Twincest
Out of respect to Band Members, no form of twincest will be allowed. There are places enough where twincest can be found/posted. This ain't one of 'em.

4. Forum sigs and avatars
This is a simple one, really. Anything goes (minus the twincest as explained above) and forum avatars will be resized automatically.
As far as sigs go, please keep them banner sized as much as possible. The width should not stretch the board so if you notice your sig stretching the board please resize it. (I will ask you to do it otherwise anyway...)
Text, links, pictures, animated sigs, the world is your oyster! Whatever looks good to you. But please dont have a sig that is larger than most posts on the forum because thats just silly Smile 

And finally..
5. The most important rule on this forum is have fun while posting here! That is the whole point right?

I look forward to meeting you in the Fan Area - come and say Hello!

Gentle reminder: This forum is closed to persons under 18yrs of age, please respect this. Don't register if you are under 18!

With best wishes
Dinahkin & Daenerys

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Additional admin. information

Post  Dinahkin on Sun 11 May 2014, 4:25 pm

THVIP and @THVersatility are not official fan sites/twitter for the band, Tokio Hotel.  We have no official contact with Tokio Hotel, their Management, or Universal. 

We own no rights to Tokio Hotel, everything related to them is as set out on

None of the photographs / .gif files / edits posted here are for commercial use and are not being used by us to make a profit.
All copyrights of photographs belong to the respective owners/photographers who we always try to credit or link a source for.

Please contact us so we can add the information should you see any of your pictures with missing credit. Also, contact us if you want us to remove your pictures from the website. No copyright infringement is intended.

We have no control and take no responsibility for the content of external websites belonging to third parties. Should we become aware of copyright infringement we will remove the links immediately.

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