#45 - World Take Over - Tokio Hotel TV 2015 Rewind

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#45 - World Take Over - Tokio Hotel TV 2015 Rewind

Post  Dinahkin on Wed 23 Dec 2015, 7:39 pm

"Published on 23 Dec 2015
This was our 2015, we want to rewind and share some of our most favorite moments with you guys! It was crazy, exhausting, fun and an experience you definitely don’t wanna miss! We are grateful for every second of it and glad to have each other as band members and friends. Thank you for coming out to our shows, watching us on TV, tuning into Tokio Hotel TV, liking our posts, sending mean and sweet tweets, listening to our tracks, sharing the music and the love, letting us be a part of your life's and being a part of this incredible year!

There is a new Tokio Hotel TV episode every Wednesday 5pm cet.

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We are Tokio Hotel, join us here on Youtube and see what we are getting into! Subscribe to our YT channel :http://j.mp/SubscribeTH

Video by Chance Foreman : http://www.thatstep.com"

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