Just a Thought... *slight soapbox warning*

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Just a Thought... *slight soapbox warning*

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 02 Jul 2011, 4:25 pm

One of the biggest sources of irritation for me is the number of comments about “missing” the old Tokio Hotel.
As a relatively new entrant to the fandom this confuses me..
Entertainers, people, humans, evolve and grow and styles and tastes change...

David Bowie said something about people who want artists to remain the same and tokiohotelamerica.com posted a snippet from the interview below with the suggestion that the Tokio Hotel fandom should read this. I feel they have a point!

"I don’t begrudge any artist for getting an audience. I’m sorry, I never found that poverty meant purity."
David Bowie, taken from this 1987 Visconti interview.

"This idea of selling out is so interesting. Like there’s some unwritten rule that you have to be eating beans from a can for your work to be pure and have a truth that is tangible. Survival is survival. Do what you do. The people who call you a sell out are probably incapable of producing anything at all, and are just comfortable with things staying as they are. With you staying as you are.
They like you. They got used to you. They don’t like it when you change.

Change is hard. But think about it.

The artist has to be interested in what they’re doing or else it begins to show up in the work. The boredom leaks in. The work begins to feel automated. Scripted. It’s just them going through the motions of an act or schtick that has worked in the past. It’s repetition for reward, for the dog treat at the end. It may keep you happy and comfortable, but I imagine the real performers and thinkers and dreamers who do the job because they can’t NOT do the job, begin to die a little death. Inside. The money vs the craft. Verses life.

Risk. It seeps in to some. The need to take it. To dance with failure, cheek to cheek and hand on arse. They need to change the beat to keep it fresh. To keep them interested.

But this new dance will be hard for you to take. Because they’re asking you to trust them. To step outside. And sometimes they’ll really fuck it up. Make a real FAIL move. But they need to fail as much as succeed. And they will need to move past it, just as you will. Because they won’t be able to stop making stuff. Your only responsibility is to go along. Just try the ride. And, if at the end you don’t like it, get off on something else. There’s no shortage of things in this world to get interested in. Change the channel. Make something yourself. Life’s too short to get angry about someone changing the design of orange juice cartons. "

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