Georg & Gustav at DTM (02/08/09)

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Georg & Gustav at DTM (02/08/09)

Post  Dinahkin on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 9:23 am

Its not often the G's get the camera to themselves, but as a self confessed "petrol head" who follows the British Touring Car Championships, ( I couldn't resist sharing this with you when I came across it on YouTube...

For those not into Touring Car racing...

"Thrilling battles, spectacular pit-stops and renowned top drivers such as Ralf Schumacher, Mattias Ekström, David Coulthard and Timo Scheider are just some of the reasons for the media’s big interest in DTM. The media data of the 2010 season demonstrate the positive development of the most popular international touring-car series.

German TV station ARD covered all the qualifying sessions and races of the 2010 season live. The race coverage attracted an average TV audience of 1.2 million viewers, representing an average market share of 11 per cent. Meanwhile, Sport1, DMAX, n-tv and the third programmes also covered DTM, last year. Altogether, the DTM coverage on German TV added up to a total of 89:56 hours.

The international orientation of the most popular international touring-car series also is refl ected by the international TV-coverage fi gures: compared to 2009, the figures could be increased in nearly every category. In 621 TV programmes (2009: 580), DTM was covered live or relive for a total of 888:07 hours (2009: 580). In 213 countries and regions (2009: 175), the TV viewers were provided DTM TV coverage. The biggest increase was achieved when it comes to the international highlight shows: in 2010, the round-up of the DTM race weekends was broadcasted 12,464 times (2009: 4,311), representing a broadcasting duration of 2,107:14 hours (2009: 891:36).

Just as it was the case in previous years, the print media also covered DTM extensively. Altogether, 4,781 stories (2009: 4,519) on DTM were published and achieved a total print run of 1.34 billions (2009: 1.28 billions). In 2010, the offi cial website achieved 7.3 million page views (2009: 6.9 millions), representing a monthly average of 608,161 page views (2009: 573,599). The web-TV presence also attracted clearly more visits, with the access to the web-TV programmes amounting to an average of 330,660 (2009: 231,000)."

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