Bill Kaulitz - HRS Hotel Reservation Service Advert. 2010

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Bill Kaulitz - HRS Hotel Reservation Service Advert. 2010

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 3:20 pm

In 2010, Bill Kaulitz was in a billboard/advertising poster campaign for HRS. ( HRS = Hotel Reservation Service.) and shown everywhere in Germany and Austria.

The full line up for the campaign...

and thank you to the unknown photographer for the fantastic composition in these - they each certainly tell a story.. and there are little details which I love - the microphone, the carry case..

... this one is superb .. and did you pick up the 483 hotel room keyring?

The background to these pics can be found on the HRS website, (along with the results of a competition the details of which I'm not too sure of..)

This is the competition entry which ranked 17th in the top twenty of all the submissions -

The website is in German so, once I've found a translation I will post that too - in the meantime *reads website with English/German dictionary*


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