Tokio Hotel Takes German Vogue

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Tokio Hotel Takes German Vogue

Post  Dinahkin on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 8:18 pm


“When I arrived at the photo shoot in Berlin, [photographer] Karl Lagerfeld wanted to start immediately. I had just gotten back from the final album recordings in L.A. and was pretty tired, but Karl cheered me up right away and gave me energy. We got along really well and laughed a lot together – Karl is such a loving person. He immediately knew what kind of photos he wanted. Karl has an amazing vision and to me it felt like he already had the final picture in his head beforehand.”

©️ Karl Lagerfeld


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( picture source:   - you may need to search "Bill Kaulitz" in the site search engine, the link is tempermental Wink )

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