Lost for words .. but not for long.

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Lost for words .. but not for long.

Post  Dinahkin on Fri 08 Jun 2018, 9:11 pm

It's not often that I find myself lost for words, but ...

I made the mistake of following a comment from a fan tweet and ended up on what I can only describe as a hate site, with so called fans wishing ill on certain band members and anyone associated with them. 

I'm not going to dignify the site by naming it, I read enough to know that the moderator is trying to deal with the situation and I give them  full credit for that. 

However - you, yes you.. anonymous pseudo fan behind your keyboard, thinking you can spew hate without consequence.. I'm talking to you.

You who are.. 
Making comments wishing ill on a band member because he has a relationship (and it isn't with you). 

Making comments vilifying those people because the media rags have deemed their relationship "news worthy" and they can't sneeze without some idiot with a telescopic lens taking a photo and selling it to the highest bidder.

Making comments that fail to take into account that you, anonymous keyboard under bridge dwellers, drive the media interest.

Making comments wishing ill on a band members dog because another band members dog has died and it would be "karma" for some undisclosed wrongdoing. Does that apply to the dogs of the other two band members that aren't vilified or are you selective in your hatred?

Making comments that fail to acknowledge that given that the two band members are brothers, they are probably equally devastated by the loss of the pup.

Making comments wishing ill on the person the band member is in a relationship with.. 
Voicing hatred that targets specific band members and yet fawning over the partners of the remaining two. 

Making comments complaining about a band members behaviour that in reality you know nothing about and are presuming based on your own fantasy world beliefs.

Hypocritical and vile.  Do you even listen to yourselves? 

It's not the first time either. 

You have a history of leaping into your imaginary world, spouting vitriol at the slightest scent of drama and making everything about your hate. It's no wonder the German media vilify TH, they have your hatred as examples.

You all behave like 14 year old schoolgirls finding out that their crush is dating someone else. Grow up! and if you are older than 14, then take a long look at yourselves because your behaviour is repulsive.

I used to think it was because maybe you didn't understand the level of violence and hatred in your words. I used to give the benefit of the doubt, but now I'm not so sure. The most recent incidences have been from native speakers as well as those with English as a second language

Hate speech is a crime, calling for someones' or somethings' death is hate speech. Wishing ill on any one, is hate speech.

Don't you dare quote "freedom of speech" at me, or say it's ok to voice "your opinion".. When to comes to hate speech you have no rights. it's criminal, and freedom of speech is only that you are allowed to say what you wish to a government, not freedom to say whatever you wish to anyone on any subject free of any consequences. 

You, hiding behind "anonymous" in your posts and spilling your acid hate.

Think on this. 

A band member lost their beloved dog today, a glorious little character who all the band viewed as the fifth band member, a dog we have been given the privilege of watching grow from puppy to adulthood. 
Some have met him, others know the pup through video and photos.. 
We shared his antics via photos and videos posted to us, and we knew of his health issues. 

A band member is devastated by loss. He shared that sad news with us at the earliest opportunity despite his own grief. He made his feelings known. He knew we cared for the pup too.

We don't know if the pups death was after a long illness, we don't know the circumstances, we don't need to know that. We know that there is a huge feeling of loss and if we comment at all, we just need to be supportive.

You anonymous trolls spewing bitter hatred from behind your cloaks of secrecy should be ashamed of yourselves. You have no right to call yourselves fans in the supportive sense, you are fanatics, fanatical, obsessively concerned with things you know nothing about. You are zealots, uncompromising in your belief that only your opinions matter, regardless of facts, thinking that you have a right to make demands on how complete strangers to you should behave.

You are wrong. 

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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