Nylon and Tokio Hotel (Nylon Photoshoot )

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Nylon and Tokio Hotel (Nylon Photoshoot )

Post  Dinahkin on Wed 13 Jul 2011, 3:38 pm

"When last we saw Tokio Hotel (at the shoot for our February issue in NYC), the boys were locked in their suite with music writer Nisha Gopalan, TV producer Jay Buim, and about twelve bodyguards.� Now we debut their NYLON portrait - shot by our editor, Marvin Scott Jarrett - along with some inspiring stuff.� Because the bodyguards may keep us far away from the musical brothers, but nothing can prevent us from touching their style."
This story was published on January 22, 2010.
(source: http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=4105)

"In February, (2010) Tokio Hotel appeared on page 115 of NYLON Magazine.  The day after it hit stands, our office became a virtual tornado:  Emails, phone calls, Twitters, and Facebooks, all begging for more photos of the band.
We promised we'd release them when the time was right, and now, here they are - unseen photos, plus behind-the-scenes footage from their Los Angeles shoot. And we couldn't resist turning Bill Kaulitz into a beautiful Avatar character - you can guess which photo that is!
Thanks for being patient, and enjoy!"
(source http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=4641)

(source: http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=4311)

(with due credit to the appropriate photographers - Pictures by Marvin Scott Jarett)

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