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Billboard Interview

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(source: THNews_ru for the English version and

"Billboard: Hi guys! Today we will play in game-interview. The rules are: you pick a card in turns and ask the question to who is sitting next to you.
Tom: I start!

Billboard: Ok. I remind that you need to question the person next to you.
Tom: Oh, next to me! Ok.

Georg: This question is perfect for Bill.
Tom: What is the silly thing you did at a concert?
Bill: The silliest thing I did at a concert.
Tom: No, silly.
Bill: Yeah. You know, there are some kind of mistakes that are happening sometimes. So, it’s like silly things, you know, [once] we all fell from the stage together in… Where was it?
Georg: I think, it was in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg…
Tom: No, but it was in Russia.
Bill: It was in Russia somewhere.
Tom: Riga.
Georg: No, it’s not Riga.
Bill: Whatever, somewhere. And the stage had broken down and we all were on the catwalk, it was kind of funny. And oh! The first show we had on our last tour in “Luxemburg”. Yes, how [do you say] “Luxemburg” in English?
Georg: Luxembourg.
Bill: I was falling off the stage, the catwalk was too short. I thought it’s longer.
Tom: But Bill himself is this silly thing.
Bill: This kind of stuff happens to everyone.

Bill: What is good and what’s bad in Germany? Oh, ok. Tom… (Laughing)
Tom: Me? What’s really amazing in Germany is Magdeburg, that is really a nice city. I think there are really good clubs in Magdeburg. You can go to “Factory”, that is a really good club. What else is good in Magdeburg? Oh, in Germany?
Georg: I don’t know. What’s really good in Germany is that you can drive fast cars…
Tom: That is right.
Bill: The best thing. That is best thing ever. I think that’s not [possible] in any other countries, alright?
Tom: No.
Georg: No, this is only left in Germany.
Bill: That is a lot of fun. Only on German Autobahn you can drive as fast as you want.
Tom: What is not good, for example, I mean, if you are not a good looking guy like Georg, it is really hard to get women. You know, you have to pay a lot of money. It is really expensive. That is maybe a bad thing in Germany. Prostitutes are very expensive.

Bill: (Looking at Gustav’s question) I know.
Gustav: What song will be played at your funeral?
All: Oh.
Tom: That is a good question.
Bill: That is a good question. I have like a playlist, you know, for my funeral. It’s like, you know, I’ll have kind of a compilation with a lot of different stuff, because you can change it as you want. So definitely «Tokio Hotel» because you know that is the big love of our lives.
Georg: Which songs?
Bill: It is really hard. I think…
Georg: “Don’t Jump”.
Bill: Yeah, “Don’t Jump”. I think…
Tom: Maybe, “Ready, Set, Go” would be a good song.
Georg: “Human Connect to Human”.
Bill: Or “Rescue Me”. I mean it will be too late, but… No, at the moment…Tom and me…
Tom: “Live Every Second” (Laughing)
Bill: What? “Live Every Second” (All are laughing)
Bill: No, i think “Anthony Hammond”, he is a great musician that I love as a singer. And another song from my childhood would be “Magic Dance” from David Bowie. This is kind of a fun song he did for “Labyrinth” which was my childhood movie.

(the clip from "Labyrinth" which Bill mentions.. brilliant film!)

Tom: Yeah. [a] Person who did change my life. I’ll answer this question! Georg has changed it, but it’s for the best! I met him 10-11 years ago and [it] happened…
Bill: Haircut!
Tom: Exactly!

Georg: Tell some fact about the person sitting right to you (that surprises fans).
Bill: To Tom.
Georg: Tell something that the fans don’t know about you.
Tom: No, you have to tell [something] about me.
Georg: I tell something about you. Oh, ok. (Tom is laughing) Mmm…
Tom: Tom’s new piercing.
Georg: That’s maybe the most important thing which happened [in] the last month.
Tom: I have a new piercing.

Bill: Oh, what should be written on your gravestone? Tom…
Tom: On my gravestone – “A psalm a day keeps the doctor away.” (Laughing)
Bill: Awesome. (Laughing)

Gustav: Tell something bad about the person sitting [to your] right.
Bill: Tell something bad.
Tom: About what?
Bill: About me.
Georg: Something bad about you.
Gustav: There are no bad things to tell about Bill. He is just perfect.
Tom: He is silly. He lost his mind. It’s cool.
Bill: Yeah.

Billboard: Ok. Yeah, Tom. I think, that is a good question.
Tom: This is a good question? (Reading and laughing). That is good for Georg, right? You are sitting on the toilet and there is no [toilet] paper left. What do you do?
George: I always take paper with me.
Tom: Georg, I mean, when we were on holidays and he made big business in the water.
Georg: What? (Georg is laughing)
Tom: At the beach, there were a lot of stones. And it was like a stone beach and he took some stones.

Georg: What nickname did you have at school? Bill.
Bill: «Hobbit». [that's] His nickname.
Georg: I asked your nickname.
Bill: I’ve seriously never had a nickname.
Georg: What? Your nickname was… Tom, oh Bill, you wanna tell what your nickname was.
Bill: Which nickname do you mean? Maybe, you had a nickname for me. But seriously I had no nickname for myself. I just think that my name was short enough. I was only just called “Bill”.
Tom: Everyone was like: “Hey, where is the loser? Hey Tom, where is your loser-brother?”
Georg: Actually, you have to know: ”Bill” is his nickname. His name is “William”. (Laughing)

Bill: Oh, if I could destroy one bad thing in the world it would be…
Tom: What? [something] Bad?
Bill: Bad thing. I think, you know for me and especially for Tom and me, I think… We love animals so much. Tom and me, we are vegetarian and we never wear fur. I think, the world should take more care of our animals we have. The last time when were in Africa, and we heard that animals die out because of humans’ activities. I would say: “We should take more care of our animals.” That will be something really important to me, yeah.
Gustav: Georg, choose your female name for yourself.
Bill: “Jacqueline” would be very, very nice.
Georg: I think that will be great.
Tom: “Ingeborg”. (Laughing)
Gustav: I don’t know perfectly.
Bill: I think “Georgina”.
Tom: Cool!
Georg: “Georgina”. Yes, “Georgina” is a good name.

Tom: Ok. Is it right that Germany is famous because of its cars, football and porn?
Georg: Porn? I think that is not a good job.
Tom: Porn. I viewed some short porn films for you.
Georg: Yeah, but… that is not good.
Tom: I mean I’ve chosen the best videos for Georg on [xxx].

Tom: Cars, yes. There are beautiful cars in Germany.
Bill: Tom and me, we are driving “Audi”, so…
Tom: I have an “A8″.
Bill: I drive a “Q7″. A new one which is beautiful.

Georg: What will you do if you become invisible?
Tom: Mmm, I always said that I would go to the show of Jessica Alba, [but] she has a child now. So…
Georg: Isn’t she pregnant again?
Tom: She is pregnant again, yeah. It’s not my child, but…
Georg: Are you sure?
Tom: Yes, and I’m very upset.
Georg: Maybe, I would go to a bank and get me some money.
Tom: Some money? But you have enough money.
Georg: Yeah, that’s right. (Laughing)
Bill: I would like to play tricks on people. Like, you know, taking someone’s clothes off.
Georg: I don’t think that is funny.
Bill: I love all that [kind of] stuff, you know, have this on [hidden] cameras and I love those shows.
Tom: I would hit Georg the whole day.
Bill: And that will be fun.
Georg: That is a great idea."

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