Plagiarism is not clever !! *soapbox warning*

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Plagiarism is not clever !! *soapbox warning*

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 31 Dec 2011, 5:38 pm

I'm going to climb on my soapbox because I feel very strongly that if someone takes the time to create a pic, or music or art, then their hard work should be acknowledged not "borrowed and claimed as someone elses"

In this instance, @BTGG from created this original art in 2007

The Original Artist is 'Heart Tyes Creations' (aka; HTC / @BTGG)

This image below is the plagiarised (stolen) art

The original HTC tag has been cut off, the picture edited, & then tagged by another (whos name is not totally clear) without permission and without any credit being given.

If you see this image around, please inform whever posted it that it was originally created by Heart Tyes Creations


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