Some people are never satisfied.. **warning, soapbox moment**

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Some people are never satisfied.. **warning, soapbox moment**

Post  Dinahkin on Sat 13 Sep 2014, 4:19 pm

I think Bill hit the nail on the head in the THTV episode when he was laughing at a media headline that they "did not look like Tokio Hotel any more".. because that's daft, of course they look like Tokio Hotel, they ARE Tokio Hotel, a band of four, a drummer, two guitarists who also play keyboards, and a singer.. 

I've no doubt they have even more musical accomplishments between them, but thats Tokio Hotel in essence. A group of guys who are all great friends, who get on well and who are sufficiently lacking in ego between them that it doesn't matter if not all four feature on every track or undertake solo projects. There's a duet on every album they've ever created. 
Georgs instagram comment in answer to the question "what are your thoughts about #RunRunRun" was " I absolutely love the song and the video, so happy to finally share this with you guys!!!" 
Which brings me on to todays soapbox Smile 
Yes, fans have been avidly awaiting the release of new Tokio Hotel music for almost five years.
Yes, there are factions of fans that consider themselves better fans than other fans, by virtue of length of being a fan, or by depth of "being an alien".. but I ranted about that in another post and I can't be bothered to do it again here. 
Yes, in the recent THTV episodes and in instagram posts, the guys have said how proud they are of the music they are creating.. that they are choosing to share with us as fans. 
No one is forcing us to listen, we are choosing to listen and as far as I am concerned, if the new Kings of Suburbia album has the new music that is shown by Run,Run,Run, then I am going to be very happy. It's lyrical, musical and it ticks all my boxes. Smile It showcases the range of talent that I have come to associate with Tokio Hotel.
Run,Run,Run is a very emotional ballad, with a depth of feeling that showcases Bills vocal range and ability to convey emotion, Toms piano accompaniment is hypnotic and even without the stunning video, its a strong track in my view. 
Its not a single from the album, its part of an exercise in promotion that will see two other tracks and video released in advance of the album release date.
Its NEW TOKIO HOTEL MUSIC!! It shows how much the guys have matured and grown and nurtured their talent in the time they have been away and how hard they have been working. 
Run,Run,Run has so far garnered 305,458 views in the less than 24 hours since it was released! It trended worldwide on Twitter.
Are Aliens celebrating that? Most are, most are very happy that Tokio Hotel music is now featuring on mp3 players and cd players again.. 

Comments on twitter include - 
"@tokiohotel trending World wide! Yeah! #RunRunRun #LOVE #Aliens"
""And I run run run ruuuun"
Still have this stuck in my head Very Happy and also the sound of the piano. <3 @tokiohotel"
"#RunRunRunVideoPremiere #TokioHotelRunRunRun … @tokiohotel love love love"

"What's your opinion on #RunRunRun video? WE LOVED IT "
"Oh mon dieu je viens de voir le nouveau clip de TH, clairement je pleure! Merveilleux! #perfectclip #RunRunRun trop d'émotions"
[ translation - Oh my god I just saw the new clip of TH , clearly I cry ! Wonderful! #perfectclip #RunRunRun too many emotions" ]

"ça fait bizarre de voir le retour de Tokio Hotel..mais j'aime bien la chanson elle est douce, ça apaise"
[translation - it's weird to see the return of Tokio Hotel..but I like the song it is soft , it soothes]

"J'aime bien la nouvelle de Tokio hotel"
[translation - I like the new Tokio Hotel]
“La nouvelle chanson de Tokio Hotel est super bien mon dieu.”
[translation - The new song of Tokio Hotel is great my god.]
"Run Run Run" is a TASTE of the new album. A taste of a beautiful ballad with only a voice and piano. Something even the G's appreciate.”
“Bill has the gift to deliver his feelings through his voice.That's what makes the songs a little more special.We can listen to his emotions.”
“Ay pues la nueva canción de Tokio Hotel es bonita”
[translation -- Ay as the new Tokio Hotel is nice] (don’t shoot me, Im using google translate )
“i heard tokio hotel's new song don't touch me i'm emotional”
“okay holy shit the new tokio hotel single is actually so good”
And more
“meine Freundin (sie ist nicht Alien!) hat mir gesagt dass Run Run Run wird sein neue Lieblingssong :3”
[translation - my friend ( who is not an Alien! ) told me that Run Run Run is their new favorite song : 3]
“So inspiring the way artists can take pain and make beauty from it and then translate it into a form that is as lovely as this melody is <3”
“So I posted some fragments of the #RunRunRun video on Instagram and I got only positive comments from non Tokio Hotel fans.”
“everything they do is magical and beautiful, that is what i was waiting for”
“people who don't like Tokio Hotel but talk that new song is pretty good >>>>>> can i hug you?”
“Run, run, run is on #replay #aliens @tokiohotel Feels so good!”
“Played #RunRunRun for two colleagues who are not familiar w Tokio Hotel. They both loved the song <3”
One radio station tweeted “Tokio Hotel - Run, run, run ya es parte de nuestra programación. ¡Sintoniza !” saying that the track was part of their programming!
“Tokio Hotel - Run, Run, Run:  Such a beautiful and powerful song! I'm addicted! Can't wait for more! Good good job!”
“i don't like tokio hotel but damn the new song is so good. maybe i'll like them after releasing the album.”
“Bill voice threw me off though, at first, but I'm okay with that. They're trying new things and it's paying off!! #RunRunRun
All very positive stuff!

In contrast, there are the minority of fans who are whining.. “its autotune”, “I don’t like it”, “It doesn’t sound like Bill”, “Where are the G’s?”
Its those fans I want to tell to grow up and exhibit something other than selfishness. It’s not all about you, despite what you may think..

Bands grow and evolve, they leave behind those fans who are too selfish and insular to do the same.
Run,Run,Run is a DUET.. two people, one singing, one playing an instrument – just like Zoom, just like In Die Nacht..
Georg is obviously very happy with that judging by his Instagram comment and I'm guessing Gustav is too.
Bills voice is naturally very rich and now he is using it to his full potential, in my view. Its range has extended dramatically, its got depth and a great falsetto.
Of course its not as it was on Scream, or Spring Nicht.. he’s an adult not a child and has a vocal capacity to match! 

Of course it sounds different, but that doesn’t necessarily mean autotune, it means he has developed his voice! 
The negative comments to me say far more about the people making them than they do about the new music they are hearing. 

Yes, people are entitled to their opinions, but I wish people would express those opinions in a constructive manner, rather than coming across as whiny little children who are set in their junior years and don't want their idols to grow up.
As one twitter account put it..

“Those who don't like Tokio Hotel are appreciating #RunRunRun more than how some "fans" are doing. Houston, YOU got a problem!”

Tokio Hotel are proud of the music that they have been working hard on to create, and I think they should be, what I have heard so far is incredible. They are sharing it with us, in the form of the album and I am very pleased they chose to do that. Thanks guys! Smile 

and in the time its taken me to write this soapbox, Run,Run,Run views have risen from 305,458 to 310889 - with 20889 thumbs up and 552 thumbs down.. I think that speaks for itself.

I deserve the best and I won't settle for anything less! Going with the flow is not an option..

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